Telecommuncations Companies

SPORTTU’s Benefits to
Telecommuncations Companies

Differentiation and Data Consumption

Sports are one of the most popular topics in the world. By having a leading sports app it will lead to greater data usage, increased customer retention and sales.

Access to a Wide Range of Content

Build the strongest fan app experience with access to the largest sports content engine in the world.

Maximize your Sports Sponsorships

This app can provide additional value to the fans of the leagues, teams, events, and athletes that you sponsor and help extend the reach of your exclusive sports content partnerships.

Data Analytics

We generate comprehensive data insights on your users/fans based on their interests

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement leads to more frequent interaction with the app leading to more minutes and data usage

Video Content Distribution

The app and overall network will increase the views of your video content in a highly targeted way leading to increased interest and awareness, and ad revenue

Advertising Revenue

Diversify your revenue streams by generating advertising revenue through video, mobile, display, and native ads

Communications and CRM

By delivering a direct consumer content experience, you will have the ability to communicate to the users of the app