Media Companies

SPORTTU’s Benefits to
Media Companies

Global Sport Content

Gain access to one of the largest sports content engines in the world enabling you to compliment your original content with aggregated content providing your consumers with the most comprehensive sports experience in the world.


Provide an unparalleled fan experience using our personalized experience and access to our global content engine.

Fan Engagement

Increase viewer/readership, user retention, and brand affinity by providing a highly personalized fan experience.

Data & Analytics

Generate in-depth demographic and psychographic data on your users.

Content Promotion

Promote your own licensed or branded content and allow fans to directly follow their favorite journalists from your publications.

Video Content Distribution

The app and overall network will increase the views of your video content in a highly targeted way leading to increased interest and awareness, and ad revenue

Advertising Revenue

Diversify your revenue streams by generating advertising revenue through video, mobile, display, and native ads