SPORTTU’s Benefits to


Every federation, regardless of budget, should have access to rich digital infrastructure including mobile websites, iOS and Android applications. SPORTTU makes this happen.


Presently federations at various levels are disconnected digitally.  SPORTTU connects the international, continental and national federations with their athletes on one digital platform.

Fans & Athletes

Bring greater exposure to a sport and their federation. SPORTTU connects fans and athletes with their sports federation, increasing interaction through convenient, connected digital tools.

The Power of Video

Fans and athletes want to view live events, or highlight reels. SPORTTU provides the opportunity to shift to today’s OTT (Over-The-Top) vision of branded access, anytime, anywhere with a new video infrastructure.

Big Data

Federations have a unique opportunity to capture data from its fans and athletes, and utilize this information in meaningful ways. The SPORTTU platform provides a deeper understanding (First Party Data) of your fans and athletes, offering new marketing opportunities.